PART 7                 STUDENTS                 ISSUING AGENCY:  Regulation and Licensing Department, Massage Therapy Board.

[7-28-96; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 7.7.1, 06-28-01; A, 09-04-09; A, 03-31-15]                 SCOPE:  This part applies to students during massage therapy training.

[7-28-96; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 7.7.2, 06-28-01]                 STATUTORY AUTHORITY:  This part is adopted pursuant to the Massage Therapy Practice Act, Section 61-12C-6.B.

[7-28-96; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 7.7.3, 06-28-01]                 DURATION:  Permanent.

[7-28-96; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 7.7.4, 06-28-01]                 EFFECTIVE DATE:  July 28, 1996, unless a different date is cited at the end of a section.

[7-28-96; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 7.7.5, 06-28-01; A, 03-31-15]                 OBJECTIVE:  This part is to establish rules for students during massage therapy training.

[7-28-96; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 7.7.6, 06-28-01]                 DEFINITIONS:  [RESERVED]

[7-28-96; 5-11-97; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 7.7.7, 06-28-01; A, 09-04-09]

[Refer to NMAC]                 GENERAL PROVISIONS:

                A.            Students not yet licensed may not charge for massage therapy services.

                                (1)           Students may only accept voluntary unsolicited tips, gratuities and donations while practicing massage therapy under school endorsed functions, under the supervision of a registered massage therapy instructor;

                                (2)           Students may not suggest either verbally or in writing, amounts of tips, gratuities or donations.

                B             Students may not provide Massage Therapy services without direct supervision of a Registered Massage Therapy Instructor.

                C.            Students may distribute identification cards which must include the school’s name, address, and phone number; the student’s name, and the word “student”.

                D.            Student complaints:

                                (1)           Complaints concerning the registered massage therapy school, instructor(s), or other student(s) should first be addressed through the registered massage therapy school's complaint policy;

                                (2)           If the school does not resolve the complaint adequately, or in extreme circumstances, a complaint may be brought before the board in accordance with NMAC.

                E.            Students will comply with 16.7.2 NMAC, Professional Conduct.

[7-28-96; NMAC - Rn, 16 NMAC 7.7.8, 06-28-01; A, 09-04-09; A, 03-31-15]


HISTORY OF 16.7.7 NMAC:  [Reserved]