This rule was filed as 21 NMAC 34.20.




PART 20              NEW MEXICO PULLORUM-TYPHOID CONTROL PROGRAM           ISSUING AGENCY:  New Mexico Livestock Board, 300 San Mateo, NE; Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108; Telephone (505) 841-6161

[3-1-99; Recompiled 12/31/01]           SCOPE:  All owners, raisers, and handlers of poultry in the State of New Mexico and those that apply to bring poultry into the state for any reason.

[3-1-99; Recompiled 12/31/01]           STATUTORY AUTHORITY:  Section 77-2-7, A. 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12 and 77-3-1, NMSA 1978.

[3-1-99; Recompiled 12/31/01]           DURATION:  Permanent

[3-1-99; Recompiled 12/31/01]           EFFECTIVE DATE:  March 1, 1999, unless a later date is cited at the end of a section or paragraph.

[3-1-99; Recompiled 12/31/01]           OBJECTIVE:  To establish rules governing poultry industry in New Mexico concerning control of Pullorum-Typhoid.

[3-1-99; Recompiled 12/31/01]           DEFINITIONS:

               A.           "Authorized Field Testing Agent" means any person who has received appropriate training and has been certified as an official state Pullorum-Typhoid testing agent by the Official Agency of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP).

               B.           "National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) " means the cooperative state-federal program through which new technology can be effectively applied to the improvement of poultry breeding stock and hatchery products through the control of certain hatchery disseminated diseases.

               C.           "Official State Agency" means the New Mexico Livestock Board. In New Mexico, the New Mexico Livestock Board is the "Official State Agency" of the NPIPand, by memorandum of understanding with the board, the New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service.

               D.           "Poultry" means domesticated fowl, including chickens, turkeys, waterfowl, game birds, guinea fowl, and other species which are bred for the purpose of producing eggs or meat, except doves, pigeons, and ratites.

               E.            "Pullorum" means a disease of poultry caused by Salmonella pullorum.

               F.            "Typhoid" means a disease of poultry caused by Salmonella gallinarum.

               G.           "VS Form 9-2" means the Flock Selecting and Testing Report provided by the NPIP. Forms are available from the Official State Agency.

               H.           "VS Form 9-3" means the Report of Sales of Hatching Eggs, Chicks, and Pullets provided by the NPIP. Forms are available from the Official State Agency.

               I.             "VS Form 17-6" means the Certificate for Poultry or Hatching Eggs for Export. The forms are available from USDA-APHIS-VS, or the Official State Agency.

[3-1-99; Recompiled 12/31/01]           GENERAL:

               A.           Persons authorized to perform pullorum-typhoid tests in New Mexico include authorized field testing agents approved by the Official State Agency and veterinarians licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the state.

               B.           All persons performing poultry disease diagnostic services or field tests within the state are required to report to either the Official State Agency of NPIPor the State Veterinarian within 48 hours the source of all poultry specimens from which S. gallinarum is isolated, or from which positive field tests are obtained.

[3-1-99; Recompiled 12/31/01]           INTERSTATE MOVEMENT:

               A.           Poultry shipped into the state of New Mexico shall be accompanied by either an official health certificate issued by an accredited veterinarian within ten (10) days of shipment, or a VS Form 9-2, indicating the flock of origin is actively enrolled in the state NPIPprogram and is negative or clean for pullorum-typhoid.

               B.           The required health certificate shall state the poultry have been inspected and are free of evidence of infectious or contagious disease and have tested negative for pullorum-typhoid within ninety (90) days prior to shipment, or they originated from flocks or hatcheries which have met the pullorum-typhoid requirements of the NPIP.

               C.           Poultry under four (4) months of age and hatching eggs will be exempt from this section if from a NPIP, or equivalent, hatchery and accompanied by a VS Form 9-3, or USDA-APHIS-VS Form 17-6.

[3-1-99; Recompiled 12/31/01]         EXHIBITION POULTRY:

               A.           Poultry entered in shows that are determined to be intrastate are exempt from 21 NMAC through 10.6 [now Subsection B through F of NMAC] below if the number of poultry in the show is less than 50 total birds. Shows with 50, or more, total birds will be required to follow 21 NMAC through 10.6 [now Subsecrion B through F of NMAC] below in the succeeding year. All poultry imported from out of state for exhibiting purposes must comply with rules 10.2 through 10.6 [now Subsection B through F of NMAC]below regardless of the size of the show entered.

               B.           All poultry being exhibited in New Mexico shall be free of visible evidence of disease.

               C.           All exhibition poultry shall have tested negative for pullorum-typhoid within ninety (90) days prior to exhibition and have the results recorded on VS Form 9-2, or official form from the state of origin certifying that the testing was done by an authorized agent of that state.

               D.           The testing required in 21 NMAC [now Subsection C of NMAC] above is not necessary if, the poultry have originated from flocks which have met the pullorum-typhoid requirements of the NPIPand have originated from flocks not known to be infected with or have any evidence of infectious or contagious diseases.

               E.            Poultry qualifying under 21 NMAC or 10.4 [now Subsections C and D of NMAC] above may be imported for exhibition purposes without an official health certificate if accompanied by an approved state form or NPIPForm 9-2.

[3-1-99; Recompiled 12/31/01]