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Volume XXI Number 4

February 26, 2010

Adopted Rules

Effective Date and Validity of Rule Filings

Rules published in this issue of the New Mexico Register are effective on the publication date of this issue unless otherwise specified.  “No rule shall be valid or enforceable until it is filed with the records center and published in the New Mexico Register as provided by the State Rules Act.  Unless a later date is otherwise provided by law, the effective date of a rule shall be the date of publication in the New Mexico register.” Section 14-4-5 NMSA 1978

A = Amended, E = Emergency, N = New, R = Repealed, Rn = Renumbered

Human Services Department
Medical Assistance Division
  8.200.520 NMAC
Income Standards
  8.231.400 NMAC
Recipient Policies
  8.231.600 NMAC
Benefit Description
  8.290.500 NMAC
Income and Resource Standards

Livestock Board
  21.30.6 NMAC
Bovine Trichomoniasis
  21.30.7 NMAC
Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA)
  21.32.5 NMAC
Exhibition Livestock
  21.30.2 NMAC
Rn & A
New Mexico Livestock Board General Provisions

Nursing, Board of
  16.12.1 NMAC
Nursing and Health Care Related Providers: General Provisions

Public School Insurance Authority
  6.50.17 NMAC
Use of School Facilities by Private Persons
  6.50.18 NMAC
Use of Volunteers in Schools and School Districts

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