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Volume XXII Number 12

June 30, 2011

Adopted Rules

Effective Date and Validity of Rule Filings

Rules published in this issue of the New Mexico Register are effective on the publication date of this issue unless otherwise specified.  “No rule shall be valid or enforceable until it is filed with the records center and published in the New Mexico Register as provided by the State Rules Act.  Unless a later date is otherwise provided by law, the effective date of a rule shall be the date of publication in the New Mexico register.” Section 14-4-5 NMSA 1978

A = Amended, E = Emergency, N = New, R = Repealed, Rn = Renumbered

Agriculture, Department of
  21.17.27 NMAC N Japanese Beetle Exterior Quarantine

Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board
  20.11.21 NMAC A Open Burning

Economic Development Department
  5.5.50 NMAC A Industrial Development Training Program
  5.5.51 NMAC A Development Employment Funding for Film and Multimedia Production Companies
  5.5.52 NMAC A Development Pre-Employment Training for Film and Multimedia Production Companies

Environmental Improvement Board
  20.2.73 NMAC A Notice of Intent and Emissions Inventory Requirements
  20.2.81 NMAC A Western Backstop Sulfur Dioxide Trading Program
  20.9.2 NMAC A Solid Waste Management General Requirements
  20.9.3 NMAC A Solid Waste Facility Permits and Registrations
Finance and Administration, Department of
Local Government Division
  2.110.5 NMAC N Juvenile Adjudication Fund Grants to Local Governments
Human Services Department
Medical Assistance Division
  8.200.400 NMAC A General Medicaid Eligibility
  8.200.510 NMAC A Resource Standards
  8.235.400 NMAC A Recipient Policies
  8.235.600 NMAC A Benefit Description

Public Records, Commission of
  1.18.569 NMAC R ERRDS, NM Organic Commodity Commission
  Letter   Synopsis Approval Letter
  1.18.420 NMAC A ERRDS, Regulation and Licensing Department (synopsis)
  1.18.516 NMAC A ERRDS, Department of Game and Fish (synopsis)
  1.18.630 NMAC A ERRDS, Human Services Department (synopsis)
  1.18.954 NMAC A ERRDS, New Mexico Department of Agriculture (synopsis)

Real Estate Appraisers Board
  16.62.1 NMAC A Real Estate Appraisers: General Provisions
  16.62.2 NMAC A Application for Apprentice
  16.62.8 NMAC A Educational Programs/Continuing Education
  16.62.12 NMAC A Fees
  16.65.2 NMAC A Registration Requirements
Regulation and Licensing Department
Construction Industries Division
  14.7.6 NMAC R 2009 New Mexico Energy Conservation Code
  14.9.2 NMAC R 2009 New Mexico Mechanical Code
  14.10.4 NMAC R 2008 New Mexico Electrical Code
  14.7.6 NMAC N 2009 New Mexico Energy Conservation Code
  14.9.2 NMAC N 2009 New Mexico Mechanical Code
  14.10.4 NMAC N 2008 New Mexico Electrical Code
  14.8.2 NMAC A 2009 New Mexico Plumbing Code

Secretary of State
  1.10.34 NMAC N Voting Systems Storage, Custody and Maintenance
  12.6.2 NMAC A Filing Provisions

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